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Temp Range : -26°C to +220°C

Fluorocarbon / FKM O-Rings give excellent resistance to various chemicals, acids, mineral & aromatic oils, petrol, diesel and high vacuum applications.

FKM O-Rings is most in industries like aerospace, automobile and other mechanical devices which function in elevated temperatures. The temperature range of this polymer is between -25°C to +220°C.

Fluorocarbon elastomers have a high content of fluorine because of which they give very good resistance to harsh chemicals and ozone attacks.

FKM O-Rings are have better chemical compatibility, temperature range, low compression set and excellent ageing properties due to which its widely used in vacuum applications.

The regular hardness for FKM (VITON®) O-Rings is 75 & 90 Shore A, However ISG can manufacture it in various hardness between 40 to 90 shore hardness as per customer and application requirements.

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