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Temp Range : -60°C to 220°C

Silicone O-Rings have very good low & high temperature resistance. Because they do not give out any odour or taste, the food & medical industries prefer this polymer as in many of their machineries the food products and medicines come in contact with the rubber.

Silicone O-Rings are resistant to ozone, UV radiation, some oils, brake fluids & hot air. Vacuum applications like the hot air oven utilise silicone O-Rings & Gaskets for sealing purpose because of the above qualities.

Usually silicone does not have that great tear, tensile & abrasion resistance, however with special compounding formulations the above properties can be made better.

With its vast knowledge in compounding & formulations ISG can offer silicone O-Rings with very good compression & heat resistance.

Silicone O-Rings can be manufactured by ISG Elastomers in various shore hardness (40 to 90 Shore A) as per customer and application requirements.

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