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Nitrile (NBR) O Rings

Temp Range : -26°C to +220°C

For sealing purpose Nitrile (NBR) is the most preferred and commonly used polymer as not only is it cost effective, it also gives excellent resistance for temperatures between -35°C to +120°C and works well with oil & fuel. Nitrile compounds as compared to other polymers have the best compression set, tear and abrasion resistance.

Pneumatics & Hydraulics application manufacturers prefer Nitrile (NBR) O-Rings due to its resistance properties against hydraulic fluids, grease, water, air and some flame-retardant liquids.

Chemically Nitrile is copolymer of acrylonitrile & butadiene, and its quality depends upon the percentage of acrylonitrile in the base polymer.

The regular hardness for Nitrile (NBR) O-Rings is 70 & 90 Shore A, However ISG can manufacture it in various hardness between 40 to 90 shore hardness as per customer and application requirements.

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